A few questions on features

Downloading: can it resume downloads? Worst flaw in IE / Windows Explorer right there. Woops, internet connection lost or computer crashed at 49.99/50mb? Start all over again. You lose. Does Mozilla have resume? Further, can it do download acceleration?

Will "themes" allow you to alter font, text color, and background color of all webpages to a standard you dictate? Or will I be forced to remain ignorant for the rest of my life of what is written on webpages with red text on black background?

Does Mozilla allow you to turn off / kill embedded midis? Does it automatically kill BLINK tags, or is there at LEAST an option? Can it allow you to kill other embedded objects you might occasionally like to do without, like java classes or shockwave flash movies?

What control over cookies does Mozilla give you? Can you build an accept/deny server list? Can you conveniently manage and delete cookies? When you tell Mozilla to delete something, does it really do it or does it lie like IE?

Can Mozilla be used as a local filesystem browser, or is it internet-only? Does it have an FTP browser like IE, or not?

Is Mozilla vulnerable to webpages that use html commands to reset your homepage? Will it block these attempts from working? Does it offer a convenient way to view the source of a loaded webpage?

Is Mozilla vulnerable to link redirects? Is it vulnerable to that asshole javascript that denies right click functionality?

See, currently I'm using The Proxomitron and Cookie Pal to edit html and manage my cookies, but it would be nice if I could find one program that could eliminate all the web's nastiness and put control of it back into my hands.