I just don't get it

Talk about preaching to the choir. I think of K5 as a site for discussion, not "me too" posts. For critical thought, and not mindless MS bashing.

First, let me state: I hate using Mozilla and Firebird.

They have no compelling features that would make me want to switch. Mozilla is slow, painfully slow. It's slow to load, slow to respond, slow to display pages, slowslowslow.

Firebird is faster, but unstable. Even when it reaches version 1, there's still no guarantee it'll be as stable as IE.

Tabbed browsing? Gimme a break. MS STOPPED putting everything in one window because the general population found it more convenient to have them separate. I know I do. And maybe for most people here it is more convenient to have tabbed browsing, but the people at this site are not representative of the general population. As I said before, preaching to the choir. Tabbed browsing will NOT help put Mozilla, Firebird, or anything open source on the desktop. MS gives people what they want (except for the pop-up blocking - see below), they don't waste time preaching the virtues of "open-standards", or "freedom", they just give people a product that works. (I didn't say it works great, just better than Mozilla/Firebird for most people).

Pop-up blocking? Easily get that from Google, and it's a lot smaller download, and I don't have to put up with the slowness of Mozilla, or a pre-realease of Firebird.

Themes? What a great way to build inconsistancies. Again, you're preaching to the choir. The people who want this stuff are going to go and find it, most people don't need the hassle.

And in regards to IE automatically launching executable etc - just turn that functionallity off. This is something I really don't understand, the same people who'll go through the motions of installing and configuring third party software in Windows, don't bother to look at the options the existing software already has.