I really like it

Heh, I really like it, and I wouldn't say I was a techie or "tribal geek" type. If you see what I mean. Tabbed browsing is really just a different implementation of what Microsoft is doing with the XP taskbar, where once you open a certain number of windows they sort of get compressed into one. It's very useful to have different "subtasks" grouped like that, and it does make sense to have the grouping done on the taskbar, but the tabs in the browser are a whole lot quicker to access than doing it the Microsoft Way. Being a modem user it makes a lot of difference to be able to load pages in the background and I find it a hassle to use IE now. Perhaps if "Open New Window" opened it behind the active browser...

The little search box in the top right is great too. I never liked the "sidebar" (present in both FB and IE) for anything except quickly accessing the history, since it takes up to much space. Also, the google box doesn't really take anything except a couple of characters off the address bar. Anything larger than said box (such as the toolbar icons) would squash up the address bar - so there's nothing else small enough to fit there and the only option is to leave that space unused, as it is in IE. Essentially, I feel i've gained a feature without losing any real estate.

Finally the type-search thing, I can't remember what it's called. Well, I never thought i'd like that, but once you get used to it it's fantastic and speeds things up no end. I also like the self-contained nature of FB, and of course, the fact that when you erase some data, whether history or cache, it actually gets erased.

I read a lot of webcomics. I read them pretty infrequently, so I tend to bookmark the last one I've read and then go from there when I look at that comic next. Once I'm finished reading that one (usually when I'm caught up) I bookmark the last page again. It always has the same title - the few webcomics that embed the date in the page title are dealt with by deleting the date ;)

IE prompts me to replace the old bookmark, and I hit "yes" (quickly enough that I don't even notice it anymore, it's just a reflex.)

Firebird ends up with two bookmarks with the same name, pointing to different locations.

Is there some way to talk Firebird into overwriting the old bookmark? I realize this is a pretty specific thing, but this is basically the only thing standing in the way of me adopting Firebird permanently. :P

(And no, I have no interest in downloading the source and recompiling it, unless someone can describe exactly where to look to add that feature and exactly what programs I'll need to install to compile it. And even then, it had better not be too many programs :P)